How Dying from Air Pollution Protected Korea from Covid-19

Complete Mask Review | Side-By-Side Comparison

Why Koreans Readily Adopted Masks from the Outset

Instead of feeling restricted by masks, Koreans feel protected by masks on two major practical fronts: 1) After being habitually lied to by their own government when it comes to public safety, wearing a mask is an expression of individual empowerment. It’s a freedom of choice to take care of oneself and offer a bit of insurance against a government that has left people out to die with little remorse (refer to Sewol Ferry Disaster).

Political Goldmine

Observers note that Korea’s bungled handing of the 2015 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Coronavirus exposed the gaps in the government’s response mechanisms that led to a smoother Covid-19 campaign in 2020. However, there has been another incentive for President Moon Jae-in’s administration to be super agile with protecting the country from the coronavirus. Every time the nation succeeds under President Moon and his party, it underscores the failures of the previous President Park administration and her rival party’s mess with public safety.

Centralized Communication System

South Korea’s previous presidential administration under Park Geun-hye endured heavy backlash during the 2015 MERS outbreak for restricting information of potential virus exposure from the public. At first, it wouldn’t even release the names of the hospitals where patients were undergoing MERS quarantine for fear of harming the business of medical facilities.

Final Note

Even though South Korea seems to have had a coronavirus response that almost makes it look like it was waiting to show the world how well it could handle crisis, the low coronavirus infection and fatality levels couldn’t have happened without high adoption of high quality masks. Now that Korea’s willing to share the goods with the rest of the world, get yourself a KF94 mask while you wait for the vaccine to get to you.



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Sean Lim

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