Calling the Cops on a Karen

A Weekend Trip to LA

A Hate Crime

Eventually we parked the car and started walking toward the elevators. But that’s when convertible blondie accelerated her car and hit Albert with intent. When I approached to see whether he was seriously hurt, she screamed, “Fucking Chinks!” It wasn’t a hard collision and to this day I don’t think Albert has any physical injuries, but it would be the start of some PTSD.

That Sinking Feeling

When was it for me? Was it at age 4 when the Baskin Robbins employee turned and spit on my double scoop cone before handing it to my dad to give me? Was it at age 10 when Carly Brown, a classmate and precocious Karen already wise in the white woman dog-whistle ways, threatened to use the school administration to punish me for my innocently trying to start a conversation by saying her name sounded like Charlie Brown?

Panic Attack

Albert wasn’t breathing right. And I asked him, “Is this the first time something like this happened to you?” He nodded. There really wasn’t a way for him to put his thoughts into words. This wasn’t my battle. But in a way, it was. Albert was hit, but she attacked all of us. My red light turned on.

Calling the Police

Explaining a Hate Crime

Pressing Charges



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Sean Lim

Sean Lim


Content Creator | Former Broadcast Journalist | New Thoughts. New World.