BTS RECEIVES SHAMELESS OFFER from the Ministry of Defense!

Sean Lim
2 min readOct 21, 2022

When will they stop stealing and taking from BTS? S. Korea’s Ministry of Defense announced it would “provide an opportunity (to BTS) if they wish to participate when there is a national-level event for the public good or an event designed in light of the national interest.” What a shameless offer! South Koreans immediately raised red flags, seeing government officials, yet again, trying to exploit the boy band for their own promotions or profit.

What makes men (and women) of this generation feel like they are entitled to robbing the nation’s youth? Do they really expect to go on this way without consequence?

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For those who want links to emails and social media of key political figures and businesses in the BTS military enlistment saga, please refer to the description box of the following videos:

List of Key Korean Businesses (Description):

List of Key Korean Politicians (Description):

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