Best Grilled Butter Abalone Recipe in 5 Easy Steps — Even BEGINNERS Can Shock Their Guests!

Sean Lim
1 min readMar 30


Are you scared of making grilled abalone, especially if you buy them fresh and ALIVE from the market? Here’s the secret to making the process simple, unscary and delicious!

Abalone has amazing health benefits including:
- anti-aging from collagen and omega 3
- anti-inflammatory which helps joint issues
- iodine and copper helps your thyroid
- detoxifies the liver
- good for bones
- calms your metabolism for weight loss

But of course it’s all about the flavor! The flesh is one of the meatiest in the seafood family and provides a nice chew. Plus the innards are another delight on par with pate or caviar. This is just one way we eat abalones here in Korea. Koreans love abalone and eat it raw, grilled, baked, or in rice porridge! Here’s the simplest process for beginners.

Originally published at on March 30, 2023.



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